NanoSuction™ Pads

Stick the pad on the back of your device or your silicone or textured case and it will stick to a smooth, non-porous surface. It also acts as a anti-skid pad and will keep your device secure while laying flat on your desk or car dashboard.


  • Two (2) NanoSuction™ Pads
  • 2.6" x 1.75"
  • For the back of your phone or silicone or textured case
  • Can be used as a mounting pad with iPad or Tablet NanoSuction™ Pads

Use at your own risk. It is your responsibility to make sure your device is secure. It is recommended that you use a mounting pad in conjunction with the pad on your device. 



Your smartphone will magically cling to the NanoSuction™ pad, which synthetically emulates the adhesive qualities of gecko feet. A NanoSuction™ pad can also be found on the base and keeps the SETA securely affixed to practically any smooth, flat surface. Not only does the SETA provide an ideal viewing angle, the T-Channel will hold your charging cord securely and keep it off the floor when not in use.